Security Labels

Full transfer materials

This Security product is designed to overcome the problems of security

materials on paper, cardboard and envelopes. It invovles the complete

transfer of adhesive and message upon peeling.

Applications / Use :

Suitable for paper,carton and envelopes. Will also bond to certain films.

No transfer materials

No transfer materials can be used when it is a requirement that no

residue is left on surface after peeling.

Applications / Use :

Security bags , car /airplane doors, window seals , plastics


Destructive materials

This material, once applied is virtually impossible to remove intact. The

material breaks into small pieces and cannot return to initial form.

Applications / Use :

Security warning labels , licence labels,asset labels, warranty labels.


Engineered Solutions

Engineered Solution labels are bespoke labels manufactured to a

custom specification. These can be used when conventional security

labels are not suitable.

These labels can include perforations and special security cuts which are designed

into the label.

Applications / Use :

Box / pouch seal labels, Security warning labels, licence labels, asset

labels, warranty labels.

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