Security Labels

Security labels are designed to be “tamper evident” products; where it can be seen if an attempt has been made to tamper with the label (and therefore the item that the label was applied to).

Tamper evident labels are popular for use on items where it is vital that a label should be extremely difficult to remove (if not impossible to remove entirely) or that there will be clear evidence of any attempt to remove the label. They can be applied either to goods themselves or – where it would be impossible, inappropriate, or undesirable to apply a label directly onto an important item – onto the packaging that the item is stored or sold in.

Due to the presence of a strong, permanent adhesive on the reverse of the label, if someone attempts to remove the label, it will break up into tiny pieces, which makes it extremely time consuming to remove even a fraction of the label, with the fragments that remain behind acting as visual proof of tampering.

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