Cryo Labels

Sealpack Labelling supply a large range of Cryo Labels designed to withstand extremely cold temperatures and can be printed on-demand using a thermal
transfer printer, Laser printer or supplied pre printed.

Our range of Cryogenic labels are manufactured using custom materials suitable for direct immersion into liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees (LN2)

Suitability: Where speciality adhesives and substrates are required to adhere in low temperatures. Generally small in size, these labels are primarily used in cryogenic testing and storage laboratories for specimen identification.

The cryogenic labels can be provided in any size and shape to individual

Advantages: Sealpacks range of plain or pre printed Cryogenic Labels come with the added advantage of replacing the traditional labelling methods involving the use of a marker pen and, as a result, virtually eliminates human error caused by illegible marking or mislabelling.

• Cinical laboratories,
• Biomedical research
• Virology,
• Genetics,
• DNA Sequencing,
• Drug Discovery,
• Forensics
• Clinical trials

Cryo Labels available in

• Laser Sheets
• Plain Cryo Rolls Labels
• Pre Printed numbered / barcoded

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