Barcode Labels

A barcode is a symbol made up of a series of thick and thin lines (‘bars’) with spaces in between. The barcode symbols are usually printed onto labels or product packaging and depict a numeric or alpha-numeric sequence. The bar code can be read by a barcode scanner which scans the graphical lines, decodes them into individual digits/characters and then transmits the sequence.

The sequence of numeric or alpha-numeric characters is usually also printed as text below the graphical lines, and can be used to manually type the sequence where it cannot be scanned.

Recently, two-dimensional barcodes have been introduced allowing storage of more information. 2D barcodes store a matrix of data in a 2-dimensional grid.
Sealpack labelling offers a barcode consultancy service to our customers whereby we help companies apply for their own barcode. We can also teach our customers how to use and apply the barcodes in the most effective format possible

Sealpack Labelling can provide bar-coding and numbering for any type of application on a large range of materials. Custom check digit formulas and customer supplied data can also be adapted into your labels.

Sealpack is a member of GS1 Ireland

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