Thermal printer Ribbons

In selecting the correct barcode thermal ribbons for your Barcode printer you need to consider not just the printer being used, but also the stock being printed on and the application for which the labels will be used. Sealpack labelling can also offer advice and supply suitable thermal transfer ribbons, for any make and model of printer. We supply a large range of branded and non branded ribbons to cater for your requirements.

If you wish to discuss suitable ribbon and label material combinations, or have any questions about the best ribbon grade for the job, please contact us.


Wax-based thermal transfer ribbons are usually the most economical choice of thermal transfer ribbon, as they are the least costly ribbon to buy. Wax-based ribbons are mainly compatible with varieties of paper substrate, and are not recommended for use with synthetic or filmic substrates. Wax ribbons are suitable for printing purposes where there is not much abrasion or physical contact against the printed matter or the printing is not needed for a long time. Wax ribbons can be used for general purpose labeling, shipping labels, address labels, garment tags, price tickets, warehouse applications, compliance label printing, including shelf and bin labels, retail tag and label applications.


Wax/resin thermal transfer ribbons are extremely flexible. They are commonly compatible with a wide variety of paper and synthetic substrates. The resultant print generally has average resistance to abrasion, solvents and temperature. Best print quality is often achieved using hybrid thermal transfer ribbons. As resins are harder then waxes image durability, chemical resistance and abrasion smudge scratch resistance is more than that of wax based ribbons. Wax / Resin ribbons can be used with glossy or smooth surfaces, synthetic materials


Resin thermal transfer ribbons are the premium choice for applications requiring durability. Resin Ribbons are best suited for use with coated materials like polyesters, polyolefin’s, destructible vinyl, warranty void labels, labels which are to be exposed to harsh environments like chemical drum labels, medical and pharmaceutical labeling, as well as industrial and automotive applications. Resin ribbons are the most expensive of thermal transfer ribbons.

Print head wipes

Reduce the cost of premature print-head failure & reduce expensive downtime with the industry’s most versatile print-head cleaning wipes. Use our range of print-head wipes to keep your thermal print-heads, platen rollers & label sensors clean and healthy.